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The No-tax Academy offers these 3 courses, at present:

1. Property Taxes:  How to remove your land from the rolls of property that is presumed "Taxable" and "regulatable" by government - legally, permanently, completely."
2. IRS  How to get the I.R.S. out of your life - legally, permanently, completely-Not Applicable to government employees
3. Right of Free Passage: How to enjoy "Right of Free Passage," not "Drive in Commerce" by privilege/license  from government.
  Stay out of the Courts How to stay out of the their courts- Criminal & Civil
  Debt Elimination Declare your credit cards & mortgages void for fraud and terminated.
  Seminars Have a seminar for your local study group today!
  NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE OF CONSTITUTIONS AND OATH OF OFFICE" - Force "Officers" to protect your "Private Property "Rights, as Secured against Infringement - by (their Oath) per "supreme LAW of the Land". 
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